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MAI Citizenship Services is a company registered in England specialized in marketing and management services relative to European Union Citizenship Acquisition.

MAI Citizenship Services works with different partners all over the world in order to get you a European Union Citizenship.

Our “Investment Passport “service is the newest and the most attractive one and offers perhaps the cheapest citizenship program  in the world

Our service is organized as follows:

  • Judicial Service managed by International Business Lawyers as well as Immigrant Lawyers.
  • Real Estate activity promoters (Innkeepers/Hotelkeepers, Industrial Buildings Managers)

Our activity consists in researching people who are interested in European Union citizenship through our advertisement and marketing campaigns in order to grant them this unique opportunity.

Our company cares for your security and it is why all the main documents during the process will be notarized.


Why Us?

MAI Citizenship Services offers you in that way a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY through this citizenship program regarding the cheapest cost and the quality of such a citizenship                        READ MORE

Payment Methods

Bank Account Wire

After successful transfer, please email us with details so that our accounting department may check for it.READ MORE

Money transfer

You can send money to individuals persons of our company. We will choose a senior agent of MAI READ MORE


Payable cheques to MAI Citizenship Services. You can send you cheque to our address placed in READ MORE

Online Payment

Pay online using your paypal, visa card or checkout . We will choose a senior agent of MAI Citizenship Services READ MORE