Applying to this Citizenship program requires a certain number of conditions:

  • Firstly In our program you will have to invest in real estate activities (industrial buildings or apartments already rented)
  • Secondly the cost for this program is 200.000 Euros  for two persons including all the procedures with the lawyers and real estate activity promoters. There are no hidden costs in this offer unless you want to add a family member. In this case the table above is your reference.

Furthermore this investment will provide you a minimum monthly rental of 3.000 Euros (minimum amount needed for justifying the monthly income).This money is yours and available for your needs.

Besides within 5 years you will recover your 200.000 euros.

  • Thirdly wherever you are  you can apply for this program . So you don’t need to live in the European Union.
  • Finally the regulations indicate that you can get the residence if you can justify a regular monthly income of 2.500 euros. This condition will be fullfilled with our real estate partners.

Note that the residence can be extended to all your family members with an additional amount of 500 euros monthly for each member of your family.

The requested 200.000 Euros is for two persons and for each additional family member you will have to add 66.666 Euros.

See the table below for more information

UnitsInvestment requiredMonthly incomeNumber of people concerned
2 Units200.000€3.000€2 people (for 5 years)
4 Units or 1 Appartment400.000€4.500€5 people (for 5 years)
4 Units400.000€3.000€2 people (for 10 years)
8 Units or 2 Appartments800.000€4.500€5 people (for 5 years)

NB :These  Units are parts of  an  Industrial Buildings

Investment Table

NB:Review this table for detailed informations about the different categories of investment