We offer different means of payment in accordance to your convenience.

Note that you can pay upfront or through installments .The first payment through installments is 36.000 Euros and the following ones 10.000 25 times.
If you are Chinese you will have personalized payment method regarding Chinese Banking Legislation
Contact us for any support

Bank Account Wire

After successful transfer, please email us with details so that our accounting department may check for it. Depending on your residence country we can explain you what is our cheapest bank account to do transfer. Contact us for these information.


Payable cheques to MAI Citizenship Services. You can send you cheque to our address placed in London-United Kingdom


Money transfer

You can send money to individuals persons of our company. We will choose a senior agent of MAI Citizenship Services. Contact us for these information.


Online Payment

Pay online using your paypal, visa card or checkout.

Your monthly payment will be made throught the same payment method you used to send us your investment unless you precise us another payment method


Fill this Application form

I . Application Information


Total amount invested200.00
Price reduction to pay upfront, medical assurance and management cost76.000
Net invested amount180.000
Net annual rental in terms of percentage15%
Net monthly rental collected each month5.500
Net monthly rental paid each twelve months2.500
Net monthly rental paid each month3.000


The amount of total payment256.000
The amount of first payment36.000
Monthly payment during the next 22 months10.000
The reduction price from upfront56.000
that means in percentage21,875%


The applicant requires to Mai citizenship Services the following steps in order to make this request effective.

The establishment of an official purchase agreement. The purchase price must be indicated in this agreement.

The establishment of an official rental agreement. MAI Citizenship Services must establish a rental agreement through which the applicant will receive from a partner of MAI Citizenship Services the net amount indicated.