Why Us ?


Our offer is the most competitive regarding other possibilities.

MAI Citizenship Services offers you in that way a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY through this citizenship program regarding the cheapest cost and the quality of such a citizenship.

In addition our service is very fast because you will obtain the Permanent Residence in less than 1 month.

You will also experience all the Benefits linked to the fact of being a European Union

  • A Permanent Residence in EU will grant you the ability to move across 28 European countries without a VISA
  • In addition your children or your family members  can study in European Union universities and colleges,
  • Free Health assistance  with our offer.

Citizenship through Investment is a situation legalized by many countries or entities like:

  • The European Union. Cyprus grant you their citizenship with an investment of 5.000.000
  • The Caribbean, Dominican Republic or Saint Kits and Nevis grant you their citizenship with an amount of 250.000 dollars.